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St. Petersburg, FL
"Ezekiel's skills were top-notch, and the end result exceeded my expectations"

"Working with Ezekiel from ROCSHIP was an absolute pleasure. His innovative use of videos throughout the website creation process made it engaging and educational.

Starting from scratch was made effortless with his empathy, understanding, and patient approach, all while maintaining great communication and professionalism. Ezekiel's skills were top-notch, and the end result exceeded my expectations. I had no idea where to start, and he guided me to a stunning website that I was excited to showcase.

I highly recommend Ezekiel for his expertise, positivity, and fast response. Thank you, Ezekiel, for a fantastic experience!"

Nick Charles

Advisor / Owner

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Knoxville, TN
"Our old website wasn't easy to work with"

"Our custom website, despite looking good and lightning fast loading times, wasn't easy to work with. Anytime we wanted to add something, we found ourselves needing to hire not just a web developer but an ENGINEER who could get up to speed with the whole tech stack. No bueno, especially because we're an agile team of two that needs to be able to add and change things quickly, often inside of 24 hours.

Ezekiel helped us recreate the website on Webflow in less than a month. Obviously, with Webflow, it's much easier to change, well, everything, with the site, without having to be a software engineer. Plus, he made video tutorials showing us the step-by-step process for doing various things. So we got what we needed: a website that's more of a vehicle than a roadblock."

Austin L. Church

Founder at Freelance Cake

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Kansas City, KS
"I can't say enough good things!"

"I can't say enough good things about ROCSHIP. I wanted to move my company's website to Webflow and I wanted a full makeover, too. The ROCSHIP team went beyond what I asked for with not only an amazing design, but they took the time to help me with messaging. I'll definitely be working with them again."

Eric Hurst

Owner at Media Club

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New Braunfels, TX
"We’re excited to share it! We love our new site!"

"Our old site performed poorly, looked aged, and unsecure since it was running on an outdated WordPress system. We needed a fresh new start! We reached out to Ezekiel at ROCSHIP, he took our vision and created a modern, personal marketing website that elevated our presence in the auditing space. Now, our new website looks fresh, doesn’t need consistent maintenance, and we’re excited to share it! We love our new site!"

Rob VanBuskirk


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Knoxville, TN
ROCSHIP's process is streamlined.

"For me, websites have always been a headache. I tend to overthink every choice, from sitemap to copy to images. Then, once I actually launched my website, keeping it updated was a hassle. Why is it that everything in WordPress is harder than it should be? My experience working with ROCSHIP had none of that friction. ROCSHIP's process is streamlined. Webflow is sooo much easier to use. And the overall process and experience was quite enjoyable. Ezekiel and his team were easygoing while still hitting deadlines. My new website adds to my credibility as a consultant and fractional CMO. I get compliments on the design. Would definitely make the same decision again."

Austin L. Church

Fractional CMO

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Nashville, TN
"Our old website felt cheap and slow"

"Our website didn't accurately reflect the level of service and value we offer our clients. It felt cheap, slow, and sometimes broken, and the back end didn't provide a clean flow for creating and organizing new landing pages.

Our website now matches the level of service we want our customers to expect from us. It's hard to trust an organization that doesn't have a "leveled-up" and "professional" website. Making updates to the website is a lot cleaner.

Also, our WHOLE team is way more equipped with best practices for how to use the website as a marketing tool on behalf of the business. Rather than just a place for the to go to somewhere... it's actually a valuable place where our community can go and easily learn the things we teach on."

Zack Estes

COO at Path for Growth

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Knoxville, TN
We’re now proud to share our website!

"We had an outdated site that didn't do a great job communicating our expertise in the field of cybersecurity, risk & compliance.  We needed a new website that could help us be identified as the “go-to” resource and expert in these areas, as well as support our growing Infosec Quarterly Quorum (IQ2) group. ROCSHIP did exactly that. Ezekiel helped us capture our identity and display it to the world via our new website. He was super easy to work with during the project, and continues to be after the launch! We’re now proud to share our website!"

Kevin Thomas

CEO at Contextual Security

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Cincinnati, OH
"He provided a clear roadmap of his process and checked in regularly"

"My business was growing, but I didn't have a digital presence. I wanted a website I could be proud of that could also grow with me. I knew I needed a web development expert who could help me bring my brand and offerings to life online.

I came to Ezekiel and ROCSHIP with little more than a simple logo and brand colors, and they blew my expectations out of the water. Ezekiel not only helped me get online - he was also able to draw out core elements of my brand to help shape my digital message. He provided a clear roadmap of his process and checked in regularly, so I never wondered where we were with the project or what came next. In our kick-off call and throughout the entire process, I felt like he really listened to what I was looking for, and this combined with his stellar web skills made it easy to trust him with my site. Now, when new connections ask about my website, I have one I'm really proud to share.

Within the first 24 hours of launching, before I had even shared my new site with my network, I heard from clients who had already found it and were sharing it with their connections. Having this digital presence has strengthened my offerings, boosted my referrals, and provided a place where I can send new connections who are interested in collaborating with me. Thanks to Ezekiel and ROCSHIP, the cornerstone of my digital marketing efforts is finally in place.

Ezekiel totally crushed this project. He really worked to make sure the finished product was just right, and I'm in love with how it turned out! I'm so proud to share my new site and will definitely be calling ROCSHIP when it's time to scale."

Katie Little


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