I prefer simple, easy-to-understand options, as opposed to a drawn-out sales process and complicated proposals. I don’t do smoke and mirrors, and there’s really nowhere for me to “hide” because I offer a money-back guarantee on the first sprint.

If I want to keep your money, I have to keep my promises.

With that said, you’ll find my pricing below. If you want to hop on a call and ask questions, I’m happy to, but this will still be the pricing.

My flagship offer ranges from $14,500 - $7,500, and I also have a 1-day website that is $2,875.

A Simplified Approach to Launching Beautiful, Effective Webflow Websites

All of my engagements follow the same step-by-step process.

  • If you’re starting from scratch, you ante up for the Roadmap and Core Sprint.
  • If you want more beyond the Core Sprint, you get an Expansion Sprint.
  • After launch, if your website needs an update, I’ll charge you for the edits.

I don’t do big proposals, retainers, or subscriptions, just project sprints, and the coaches, consultants, and creators that I work with have a website budget of $7,500 to $14,500.

That's my flagship offer.

I also have a 1-day website offer that is priced at $2,875, and a homepage blueprint that's free!

The Roadmap


New websites with ROCSHIP start here. No one enjoys spending time on a website that never launches, so we’re going to make doubly sure that your site goes live in a reasonable timeframe and starts generating ROI.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

The Roadmap defines our priorities and plan.


2-week timeline

25-Minute Kickoff Call

90-Minute Strategy Intensive

45-Minute Findings Call

Roadmap (delivered as PDF)

Your Roadmap Includes

Future Website Roadmap

Traffic Generation Plan

Website Success Plan

Messaging Outline

Conversion Plan

Design Board

After our engagement, if you are more disappointed than a kid who lost his parents in Costco, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Step 1

The Core Sprint


This is your first sprint to get to a live website. At the end of it, you’ll have the foundation of your new site, including Home, About, Contact, and “utility” pages like Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Note that your “Home” will be a long page with a clear content strategy that speaks to your target audience and lays out your offer and value proposition.


3-week timeline

Weekly Project Updates

Wireframe, followed by Custom Design

3 Rounds of Revisions/Approvals

Webflow Development

SEO Boost Pack


CRM Integration

Fast Loading Times

Nice Looking on All Screens

Analytics Setup

Legal Bundle

Step 2

Expansion Sprints

$1,685 - $7,495

After we finish the Core Sprint, you may want to build on the foundation we laid. Expansion Sprints focus on these strategic add-ons.

  • Want to use visuals to bring that killer case study to life?
  • Want to bolt on a blog to get your ideas and IP out into the world?
  • Want to stand up a landing page for a certain segment of your target audience?

You may have already picked up on one of the benefits of launching a website in sprints: You get to the ROI sooner, and you get the “big” or “complete” site sooner too.

No more waiting for 6 months. We’ll expand your site in 2 to 4 weeks instead.

Common Expansion Sprints

Portfolio / Projects 

Landing Pages


Custom Page

Case Studies 



Team Members 


Step 3

Note: Expansion Sprints are available for past ROCSHIP clients. I don’t offer Expansion Sprints to new clients with existing Webflow sites until they pay for a Roadmap engagement. This gives me a chance to understand how the original developer put the site together.

When you’re ready for your next Expansion Sprint, email me or fill out this contact form.

The Homepage Blueprint for Coaches, Creators, & Consultants: 12 Steps to Connect With Your Ideal Client

(Checklist + Template + Examples)

Do you have a strategy for creating a killer homepage?

Chances are, you’re here because you don’t love your website, especially your homepage. This blueprint will help you answer crucial questions about your website and give you a proven framework for launching an effective homepage quickly—one that will connect with your ideal client.

I’ve also included a bonus to help you actually launch that homepage ASAP. 👀

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