Ditch the Cringe. Get a Pro Website in 1 Day.

The 1-Day Website is a fast-launch professional website product that's made for coaches, consultants, solopreneurs, freelancers, & creators.

The 1-Day Website is a fast-paced sprint designed to launch your new website in one day.

One. Day.

It’s made for early-stage solopreneurs who have a service they are providing and a handful of clients, but are ready to take a step to pursue new opportunities and growth.

The problem is, your time is precious and your budget needs to be extremely effecient. The thought of building a DIY site makes you want to ram you head into the wall (or maybe already has) but at the same time, a drawn out 2 or 3 month website buildout process with a standard agency feels overkill.

As you probably guessed, this is where the 1-day website steps in.

Check out the details below, and when you’re ready, lock in your day here.

The road to get the “perfect” website is paved with good intentions and the killer of opportunities

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to become better. And it’s not even a bad thing, necessarily. I hear about it in personal growth podcasts, hear it from my coach that I work with, discuss it with my mentors and friends, read about it in business books, and of course, I personally strive to become a better person, husband, website designer, etc.

So what’s the problem?

Letting our desired destination of “better” cripple us from ever taking the first step in the first place.

Consultants, coaches, creators, and soloprenuers can find themselves in a similar place when it comes to launching their website.

When faced with creating the perfect website, the time commitment alone is paralyzing.

And to be fair, there’s a lot that goes into creating a website:

  • What’s the message?
  • How should it look?
  • What is the call-to-action?
  • What platform is it going to be built on? Why?
  • Who is the website designed for?
  • What sections will be on the homepage?
  • What about SEO? Or legal stuff?
  • How does it track site visitor analytics?
  • Will it load fast?
  • Does it work good on mobile?

Yeesh. No wonder it’s easier to just leave the website on the back burner.

The point is, when faced with the task of getting or creating a new website, it’s easy to push it to the side.

And I haven’t even mentioned the budget requirements and time commitments of a standard agency website.

Most marketing or website agencies/studios (myself included) have a minimum level of engagement of at least $5,000. But it’s quite common to find this higher. For example, my flagship website product starts at $7,500 and it’s not at all shocking to find agencies and studios with minimum levels of engagement in the 10k, 15k, or 20k range.

That’s the money side, what about time commitment?

In my experience, it is standard for a website project to last 8 to 12 weeks. When creating a custom site, there is a lot of work to be done with strategy, design, development, features, quality assurance, training, and getting the site live.

This ends up involving multiple meetings as well. Expect 2 to 4 meetings in the first week or so to kickoff the project. And then a few emails back and forth every week until the project is complete. Plus, it’s also pretty common to have a meeting once per week as a review during the project.

Okay - that’s a lot.

As you can see, and probably already know, a significant amount of time and a solid budget is needed to engage with an agency or studio to get a website created.

So is the only other option DIY?

Nope ;)

Introducing the 1-Day Website.

What is the 1-Day Website?

If you’re reading this, it probably means that the idea of getting your new website launched sounds enticing.

But it’s also pretty freakin’ overwhelming.

When needing to get a website, here’s the position that so many consultants, coaches, and soloprenuers find themselves in:

❌  Stuck and waiting for the perfect website to become reality - “when there’s time”.

❌  Lack of time to commit to creating a website, when you have other clients and opportunities to focus on.

❌  A budget that needs effecient & effective spending.

❌  Overwhelmed at the idea of creating a new website.

So what’s the 1-Day Website approach that addresses these issues?

✅  A resolved mindset that “good enough” is better than not launching at all.

✅  The project is started & completed in 1 day + a single prep form.

✅  I’ve worked to make sure this product makes sense for soloprenuers, priced at $2,875.

✅  This process is designed to be all-inclusive, simple, and the least pressure placed on you.

This is about getting your website launched fast so that you can feel confident, pursue opportunies, and take the next step in growing your business.

Built into each step is finding the 20% most effective bits of creating a good website, and packing them in to end the day with a website launched that you are proud to share.

This is true website sprint. We’ll have a kickoff call, a couple review sessions, and then the site will go live before dinner.

There won’t be any “loose ends” that you need to worry about.

You’ll have a solid website that’s yours to share and start your next phase of growth.

"Now, when new connections ask about my website, I have one I'm really proud to share."

Katie Little

Founder / Writer

The choice is yours

❌  You don’t have to wait to get your website, and DIY is not your only other option.

✅  Get a good website that works - fast.

What's Included?

Complete Webflow website (Ultra homepage + contact page + confirmation page + utility & legal pages)

Website Copy Deck

Legal kit

SEO Boost Pack

2 rounds of design revisions

CRM integration

Analytics Set-up

DNS connection and launch

Training & Owner's Guide

What's not Included?

❌  Illustrations / Photography

❌  Unlimited revisions (we're going for GOOD)

❌  Full-Service Copywriting

❌  Ultra-Custom Design

What does the 1-Page Website cost?

My flagship custom website package is in the range of $7,500 to $14,500. That's where I started when thinking about how to price the 1-Day Website offering.

The 1-Day website costs $2,875 - one time.

No required ongoing subscription for “maintenance and updates”. (Just hosting at $18/mo)

You pay a deposit of $997 to lock in your date, and then it's $500/mo for 4 months. (Or paid upfront in full at $2,875)

Click here to lock in your day when you’re ready.

“Our website now matches the level of service we want our customers to expect from us.”

Zack Estes

COO at Path for Growth

Who is the 1-Day Website for?

  • You’re a consultant, coach, creator, fractional, or soloprenuer who has started to work with clients (full time OR on the side).
  • You have a service offering or product, and you are ready to start serving more folks.
  • You’re diligent to provide excellent work and service, but time is not currently your ally. (AKA - 3 months of meetings, revisions, and waiting doesn’t sound apealing)
  • You’re more interested in a website that connects with your ideal client than a website that “looks pretty”.
  • You have at least 1 past client, friend, or mentor who would be willing to write a postive testimonial.
  • You’re looking for a budget-effecient option that doesn’t include major ongoing costs that will interrupt your lean machine.
  • You want a website that is solid, from ground up, with no loose ends or unexpected issues. (Mobile is great, legal is taken care of, etc)

Who is the 1-Day Website not for?

  • Brand new consultants struggling to pay themselves
  • Anyone more worried about the strokes of the paint than the bigger picture
  • Anyone who is expecting a massive site with fancy feature xyz and time machine capabilities
  • Anyone who isn’t willing to fill out the prep work form and attend the 4 calls on the day of the build.

Who is Ezekiel?

You might be wondering who I am and why on earth you should considering working with me to launch your website. That’s fair.

  • I started building websites when I was 16.
  • After working as a marketing specialist and then director for a small business for 5 years, I decided to go out on my own in February of 2021, and start doing what I enjoyed most - creating websites.
  • When I first started, I built websites for all types of businesses, but in 2023, I niched down to work with more consultants, coaches, and creators.
  • I have personally been in some form of 1:1 coaching or group coaching format since 6 months after starting my business. I know the impact of it and I want others to experience it as well!
  • I’ve gone on to work with amazing consultants, coaches, soloprenuers, and creatives who have solidified my decision.
  • I live in Knoxville, TN with my wife, Kylee, and our two dogs, Louie and Joey. I love big family gatherings, board games with friends, reading good books, coffee in the morning, and a fine pour of bourbon in the evening.

What’s the process?

  1. Let’s hop on a quick 15-minute phone call to discuss details!
  2. Pay deposit
  3. Fill out the prep form
  4. Finalize Copy Deck
  5. Schedule day
  6. Build day!
  7. Kickoff call
  8. 2 Rounds of Revisions
  9. Finalize & launch
  10. Closeout call
  11. 7-days of free support!
  12. Enjoy your new website!

What if I am really not happy with my 1-Day Website?

After our engagement, if you are more disappointed than a kid who lost his parents in Costco, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


Is it really launched in 1 day?

Yes! But there's a small catch. After you pay your deposit, I will get you added to our project queue, and send you the Prep Form. Once you complete the Prep Form, I will create the draft copy deck and send it to you for edits and finalization. Once the copy deck is finalized, we will schedule your build day!

What is the hosting cost after the website is launched?

Hosting is paid directly to Webflow. It's $18/mo or $14/mo paid annually. If you decide to get the blog add-on, hosting will jump up to $29/mo or $23/mo paid annually.

Do I need to website domain?

Yes! I can help you get one or you can snag one at pretty much any domain registrar. I like Hover.

Do I need a logo and brand colors?

Yes. But! If you don't currently have one, or are wanting to refresh your logo, I highly recommend my buddy, Sean, at Woodrow. He does fantastic logos in 1 week.

Do I need photos?

Nope :) But if you have them it helps! We can use no photos, or premium stock photos as a secondary option!

How long is the prep form?

It's not short ha. But keep this in mind, you can go as in-depth as you want with the prep form! It is not designed for you to feel overwhelmed and pressured.

What does the build day look like?

We'll have a kickoff call in the morning, and then 2 revision calls during the day, and a final launch and pass-off call at around 4 pm or so!

Is this refundable?

Here's the deal. I stand behind my work. So, if we get to the end and you're really not happy, I will do everything I can to make it right! If it's just not cutting it, I'll give you back 100% of your payment.

Why should I do this instead of just grabbing a template on Squarespace?

Maybe you shouldn't! This isn't for everyone. But if you want a pro-level site and the thought of DIYing a website makes you want to stomp on a cute rabbit - than this might be for you :)

Do you offer payment terms?

Yes! You can check them out right here!

Still have questions?

Shoot me an email, I’d love to chat with you.
Email me at ezekiel@rocship.com

“We got exactly what we needed: a website that's a vehicle, not a roadblock.”

Austin L. Church

Founder at Freelance Cake