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I’m a designer and Webflow developer in Knoxville, TN, who helps coaches, creators, and consultants launch beautiful websites and get more clients.

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An Open Letter To You, Consultants Who Help Others Succeed.

I believe that small businesses are the backbone of America—thanks, Dave Ramsey—and I want to contribute to the success of yours by helping you launch a website that you are eager to share.

Building a profitable business that makes a positive impact on others isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would do it.

Too many business owners cringe when look at their own websites because what they see there doesn’t represent who they really are, whom they help, and the value they create. No, what they see is bland. Blech.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The best websites make a strong, positive first impression. They win trust through thoughtful design, solid copywriting, and artful strategy. They persuade the right people that they have nothing to lose by taking the first step.

Those websites are the ones I build.

Over the years, I have fine-tuned my process and simplified my packages and prices.

I share easy-to-understand prices up front.

Website “sprints” keep us focused on what matters most.

By launching a strategic website sooner, you see ROI sooner.

I even offer a 100% refund with our initial package. If you followed the process and strategy and don’t believe I kept my promise, I will return your money.

I even offer a 100% refund with our initial package. If you followed the process and strategy and don’t believe I kept my promise, I will return your money.

That said, I only work with about 20 people each year, so I’m very invested in making your project a success. It’s in my best interest to do so: I want to use your case study to win my new client!

My clients tell me I make them feel like they’re my only client, and a lot of them ask for monthly subscriptions after we go through several sprints. You’ll have that option too.

Whether you work with me or find a better fit elsewhere, I truly wish you all the success in the world and hope you make a wildly positive impact on your family, team, and clients.

Ad astra per aspera

Ezekiel Rochat

Lead Designer / Owner

My wife, Kylee, and I living adventurously... okay honestly this isn’t our norm - but it was still fun!

Core Values

These non-negotiable values shape how I see the world and make decisions. My success depends on them.

Give radically.

Speak the truth.

Slay your dragon.

Ship work you’re proud of.

Treat people like they carry the image of God inside of them. Because they do.

Free Download

The Homepage Blueprint

Do you have a strategy for creating a killer homepage?

Chances are, you’re here because you don’t love your website, especially your homepage. This blueprint will help you answer crucial questions about your website and give you a proven framework for launching an effective homepage quickly—one that will connect with your ideal client.

I’ve also included a bonus to help you actually launch that homepage ASAP. 👀

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