Welcome. As I sit hear at my desk at 11pm on a Thursday night, I am struck by my inability to muster up the bravery, courage, energy - whatever word you want to use for a thing to push me over the edge and simply write this first blog post. How appropriate.

When I started to dream up the idea of this business, I got plagued with the creative's nightmare - analysis paralysis. For weeks I felt like I was in a rut. You want to know what about? The business's name.

That's right! My dream stopped dead in its tracks over a few simple letters. I had over 50 names in my Google planning doc, but no matter how hard I tried to focus in on making a final selection, for one reason or another, my attempts were futile.

I remember driving home, from my then current job as an in-house marketing director, and I threw on a Seth Godin podcast (this is the way all great marketeer tails begin). As I listened to Seth's thoughts that day, I felt like my eyes were opened and a weight lifted.

Seth explained that when it comes to creative work (taking steps into the unknown) we tend to throw barriers in front of our own attempts. But he also clearly laid out that these barriers will remove any chance for making an impact. "You might mess up - so what? Stop building barriers and SHIP THE CREATIVE WORK" Seth exclaimed!

These words rang in my ear the rest of my drive home, and when I arrived, I went to my computer, selected a business name that seemed good enough, bought the appropriate web domain, and moved on to the next step in building this business.

I don't share this story to generate an emotional connection with my business's name (if you haven't noticed, the name is ROCSHIP), nor do I say all this to suggest one shouldn't worry about their business name or that it doesn't matter - I think it does!

The point I am attempting to make is that we all build our own barriers that suggest we should not move forward, that we should not take the next step. The quicker you can come to terms with the fact that you are not and will never be perfect, the quicker you will start making an impact in the world.

Here's my challenge to you. Say yes to one thing that you've been keeping inside our of fear of rejection or imperfection - to quote one the most famous marketing campaigns of all times, "JUST DO IT".

Do you know what is one sure way that your creative work, product launch, or business idea never make an impact? By never moving forward. Fight the urge to resist or make excuses. SHIP IT.

How did this become a motivational letter? To be honest, these words freshly typed were more about speaking truth to my own soul than trying to create something for another. However, I do hope you found encouragement in this.

Now go kick some ass.

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