We Released Our Pricing - WHAT?!

Have you ever wanted to know much a service was or how much a business charged, but you had to reach out just to get an idea of how much they charge?

We have. And it’s annoying. Why would we inflict this frustration on our visitors?

So we decided to release our pricing. Want to know how much we charge for our services? Here you go.

Up Front Pricing

We want to provide the info that is helpful to you. We’ve all experienced gateways to pricing info or other information that we wanted access to, but first would need to submit our email or contact the business directly.

This can be frustrating so we removed the gatekeeper.

Website Packages

We’ve started with our three standard website packages. These packages will meet the needs of most small businesses and help excel their online presence.


We are certainly allowing for specific customizations based on special features, etc. We already include custom design, but are also able to add customizations specific to a business’s needs.

These Prices Seem Low - Why?

When developing our standard website packages, we wanted to be inclusive for freelancers and young businesses with limited budgets.

At the same time, we didn’t want to sacrifice our quality of work and product, so we made sure to include scalability even for our most economical package.

Options for Larger Businesses?

Yes! For larger businesses that are pushing past the 2M revenue mark, we would recommend our premium website packages - learn more about these by contacting us! (Psst, we’ll be releasing these as well very soon)

Other Services?

You may be aware that we also provide website management and SEO services. Pricing for these services will be released very soon as well! 

Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at contact@rocship.com, we’re happy to help.